Aloha! We're Deep Dive Cosplay!

Welcome to our site! We are costumers and makers. We're inspired by different series, comics, films, books and much more to build props and costumes. We often travel to different locations for photoshoots and go to different conventions around the world. For us, costuming is a way to express creativity, craftsmanship, and most importantly, our love of all things nerdy.

How this shindig started...

Picture the crack of dawn and a shrieking BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP noise that all alarm clocks make. Some disgruntled person smashed the snooze button so everyone could catch a few more z’s. Too bad we were coherent enough for a thought to pass through our minds: to go or not to a cosplay panel that started in 20 min. After not too much grunting we decided to go. On that whim, we raced to remove morning grogginess and ran down to the con. Ended being one of the best decisions.

Upon arrival at the panel, we worked our way to the mid-front section. Before us stood the cosplay group Limit Break. As the panel progressed, they began to discuss wigs. Gren went into depth about the types of plastics and chemistry behind sharpie dye.

Before this panel, we made cosplays for different occasions such as Halloween and cons we attended with mates where we all made stuff. After the panel, one could say that the knowledge shared would shine as a beacon and act as the spark for us to push our cosplay to the next level: cosplaying seriously with makeup, attention to detail, wigs, and other fantastical realms we had yet to stumble into with the panels at cons as our guide.
About a month later, we had the chance to see Video Games Live. We decided to cosplay something. Four days before the concert. We decided on the Turks from Final Fantasy Vii. We set our sights on Reno and Tseng. Dark had the hair for Tseng and Ven picked Reno.

For the first time, Ven bought her first wig. She hunted down a silver wig the same day and went to work hand colouring the thing. Many hours and lost brain cells later, Ven had a somewhat convincing red colour complete with a once blonde/silver - gone red-head ponytail. It wasn't too detailed but people recognised us. Snap.

A few more months down that road, we wanted to cosplay Axel and Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II. During construction we decided to give our group-thing a name, naming it after the secret Deep Dive teaser in KH2. What followed was our first large-scale cosplay at Anime Boston.

The following year, we decided on Lightning from FFXIII and Noctis from FFXV (at the time called FFXIII Versus). We had not but 2 or 3 small grainy images of each and a trailer to go off. We competed at Anime Boston that following year and won our first award. Now years later, we've immersed ourselves in the wonderful world of cosplay!


Cosplaying Since

Fav Cosplay

Fav Prop
Noctis's Sword

Fav Photoshoot
Lord of the Rings

What got you into cosplay
I started making my own costumes for Halloween for a couple of years before I learned what cosplay was. After meeting a group of good friends, who were cosplayers, I got my first introduction into the world of cosplay and became more interested as I learned more about this creative artform. When I stepped into the halls of my first convention, I was amazed at all the intricate detailing and effort cosplayers put into their art. Instantly, I knew it was for me, and over ten years later I'm still cosplaying!


Cosplaying Since

Fav Cosplay

Fav Prop
Alucard's Sword

Fav Photoshoot
Lord of the Rings

What got you into cosplay
The me in the not so distant past of several years ago went to a wig panel hosted by the brilliant Limit Break with Darkers. A week later I bought a wig, sharpied it, killed any brain cells I once had and was hooked.

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Aloha! We enjoy meeting and talking to copslyers or anybody interested in cosplay! Send us an email or message us via Twitter or DeviantArt!

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