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Aloha! So this is where we put all the updates to the site...sort of! We update the site once we've finished a costume and a photoshoot (see way down below the fold). Typically we update twitter at events, while working on costumes, or just whenever. We post con reports and photoshoot back stories to DA as well as our latest photo edits and stuff!

We also enjoy meeting and talking to copslyers or anybody interested in cosplay/costuming, DIT, making, crafting and so on. We use Twitter and DeviantArt to keep in touch with those we meet. Please feel free to reach by messaging us via Twitter or DeviantArt or by email!

  Twitter: deepdiveCosplay

  DeviantArt: da-rk | venntus

  Email: deepdive.cosplay(at)

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Site Updates

1.09.14 | Major Updates and Site Revamp

Aloha! We did a major site update to reorganise and simplify the site with our new layout! Check out cosplays for info and photos of all our cosplays and the latest for what we're up to!

We've added many more of the cosplays we've done over the past year or so to the site, including Ender's Game and X-Men: First Class!

21.05.13 | New Cosplays

We've been hard at work on many cosplays! Check out our new cosplays from Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DOGS, Blazer Drive, The Guild, Vocaloid, Amatsuki and 2 original designs inspired by Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles!

We have also been doing quite a bit of traveling for our photoshoots lately. Over the winter holidays, we visited the film set of The Shire in Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit in New Zealand just as The Hobbit film was released and did a photoshoot as the hobbits, Merry & Pippin. More recently, we also completed a photoshoot in Iceland, which we can't wait to share with you!

27.04.11 | Gallifrey One & Anime Boston 2011

Wow, so many things have happened in the past few months! Since our last update, we attended Gallifrey One, the best Doctor Who convention, held in LA. It was such a wonderful con. There were lots of panels with the writers and cast of Doctor Who and Torchwood. Definitely a convention we hope to be back at next year!

We also just came back from Anime Boston 2011 this weekend, and it was BRILLIANT. Time flew by way too fast! We finally finished and wore our brand new cosplays to Anime Boston and won First place for Craftsmanship in the Master Division for our cosplays of Hector [Castlevania: Curse of Darkness] and Alucard [Castlevania: Judgment]!

We also have to say a big thank you to everyone who came to our Cosplay Propmaking Panel on Friday with W Cosplay and BLiTZ Cosplay! We hoped you enjoyed it and perhaps picked up a technique or two! If you have any questions about making props or cosplay in general, don't hestiate to contact us!

07.11.10 | Three New Tutorials

Been hard at work on the 'Tutorials'* section, and added 3 new ones! We have one on 'Paperclay' featuring the helmet of summon Zalera [Final Fantasy XII], and two others on 'Making Eyebrows' and 'Wefting'.

06.11.10 | New Look, New Site

Aloha! Our site has gone through quite a bit of construction with our new layout. Since our last update, we did a photoshoot in Alaska, US with our Shaoran and Sakura [Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles] cosplays. You can find photos of our adventures in the Cosplay section.

Since Anime Boston 2010, we volunteered and were cosplay judges at San Japan 3 and attended Mechacon VI and New York Anime Festival/ New York Comic Con. We met lots of amazing people and had good times. :3 Looking ahead, you can find our updated con schedule above. There's a high chance we'll be at Anime LA in January and we'll be at Anime Boston 2011 and San Diego Comic Con for sure.

07.04.10 | Anime Boston + The Horrow Show


For the past three months, Dark and I worked till the wee hours of many mornings to finish the obscure Adrammelech and Zalera, summons from Final Fantasy XII for Anime Boston 2010! Twas a lovely con. You can see them in the Cosplay Section under Zalera and Adrammelech. We'll post a con report shortly.

Now for updates. We added the Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and a bunch of other little things around the site.

Ja na!

13.12.09 | Hetalia, Back in the Day

I wish you a good evening, Sir/Madam! A few weeks ago, during the time of spookies, creepies and crawlies, we did a photo shoot as First Empire UK and Colonial US from Axis Powers Hetalia on a glorious autumn day. Thus, by your leave, Sir/Madam, good day.

12.07.09 | Sintra Madness

Zdravstvujtye! (Hello!)

After a year of procrastination, we finally got off our bums, pooled our knowledge and typed up everything we know about the thermo-plastic, Sintra (of which we endorse shamelessly). ItŐs used in prop, weapon, and armor construction so if you have time, please check it out!

We also added this year's main cosplay, Ventus and Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, to the Cosplay section.

Do svidaniya! (Goodbye!)

22.06.09 | Still Alive

Ahoy there, maties!

So it's been a while since we updated, 7/8 months in fact. We've had a fairly busy season what with a myriad of photoshoots, Anime Boston and two more upcoming cons this summer. We have been updating our DA's with pictures as we slowly edited them.

On to business then, comrades! Please take a look at the Code Geass Christmas, Hitman Reborn, Final Fantasy XIII+Versus** photoshoots to the err...Final Fantasy XIII+XV page. So Anime Boston was brilliant as usual (it is such a lovely con) and met some wonderous people. We'll be posting photos and a con report on our 'Deep Dive Live Journal'.***

We actually have our summer schedule worked out. Yay! We are definately attending Otakon in Baltimore and ConnectiCon 2009 in Hartford. other than that, we brought the site up to date and might make some more tweaks here and there. Have a spendiferous day/night!

**At the time of construction, FFXV was called FFXIII Versus.
***We have sicne decomissioned our Live Journal so please have a look for the latest updates at Twitter: deepdiveCosplay and DeviantArt: da-rk | venntus.

26.10.08 | New Vampire Knight Photoshoot

We've been hard at work cranking out cosplays these days. The complete set of photos from our new Vampire Knight photoshoot this summer is now up! The editing for this photoshoot was rather experimental so they vary from 'realistic' to more fantasy based themes. Check it out!

We're also in the process of getting our Katekyo Hitman Reborn! cosplays [and another surprise one] ready for photoshoots!

14.08.08 | All That Jazz

Salutations! With only two photoshoots looming, we are about to retire our FFXIII+Versus (FFXV) and Vampire Knight cosplays. We've already started work on next year's madness. Though by far the most wicked part of this year was meeting a brilliant lot of other cosplayers. <3

In other news we added stuff to the site, little things here and there but nothing major. We're also using our deviantART accounts [venntus & da-rk] effectively now so that's where all the most recent things will be posted. Have a nice day/night!

04.08.08 | A Zombie's Eyebrow

While on the aeroplane, Ven finally got to work on a couple more make-up tutorials so here they are in the flesh...errr...code! Therefore if you have some time to meander through the site, check them out in the 'Tutorial'* section by clicking on the sections entitled Zombies and Eyebrows.

Ciao Ciao!

08.06.08 | Tutorials on the March

Top of the morning to you. In the true spirit of the updating spree, we've added 3 tutorials, one on Storm's wig and two to the makeup section entitled, Cuts and Burns. So go check them out in the 'Tutorial section'* because they're pretty spiffy!

06.06.08 | Tutorial Overhaul + Snazzy, New Make-Up Tutorials

Ahoy there, matey! Dark and Ven here on the edge of major a new section entitled 'Make-Up'. This section is featured under the Tutorials section and contains all the techniques and anything we've discovered in the realm of makeup and its application. Enjoy.

On another note, we also overhauled the 'Tutorial section'* just to make it more user friendly. It now has a more step by step feel.

Have a splendiferous day, evening, night, or whichever time of time of day you are stumbling across this site.

*We have since taken down the tutorials on the site for revamping.

29.03.08 | A New Beginning!

Welcome to the website of Deep Dive, a spazztacular cosplay duet - Dark and Ven! Ven and I have long been cosplay buddies, but have recently decided to form a group in celebration of well, of course, cosplay.

The purpose of this website is not only to showcase our cosplays and photoshoots, but also to provide a growing resource for other cosplayers. Through our journeys, we've learned a lot from our experiences. We will list some basic resources and stores in our Resources section, but the most helpful of our sources will probably be the Archives and the Tutorial sections. Ven and I will be updating the Archives on a regular basis as we work on each of our new projects. In Tutorials, you can find details about each of our cosplays and tips on particularly sticky sewing or propmaking areas.

In other words, Ven and I just got back from Anime Boston 2008! We participated in our first Masquerade as a walk-on, and we won First Place in Craftsmanship in the Novice Division! It was a lot of fun, and we met a lot of great people and new friends. :D

Please feel free to send us any questions you may have about cosplay or our site in general. However, the fastest way to get in contact with us is through our Archives. Thank you!

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All cosplays and props belong to Dark and Ven of Deep Dive Cosplay. All original characters, character designs, and other concepts belong to their respectful owners.