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Lord of the Rings

Dark | Merry - Merriadoc Brandybuck
Ven | Pippin - Pereguin Took

Lord of the Rings

Date Completed
December 2012

Hours to Make
Dark | 25 hours
Ven | 15 hours

Events Worn to
Hobbiton, Middle Zealand
Isengaurd & Rivendell, Wellington, Middle Zealand

Deep Dive Cosplay

January 2013

Over the 2012 winter holiday, we went to New Zealand! With The Hobbit film coming out just as we were there, we had to dress for the occasion. We went to Hobbiton, the movie set of The Shire in both Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, dressed as Merry and Pippin. A lot of people asked if we were headed home when they saw us dressed as hobbits heading to Hobbiton.

We waltzed around Wellington as hobbits and took the Lord of the Rings tour to see the filming locations of Rivendell, Isengard and a couple of others sites.

Merry's waistcoat, trousers, coat, and cloak were made from scratch using homemade patterns. Suede for the waistcoat with extra large buttons, and corduroy for the pants. Pippin's coat and cloak were made from scratch, while the trousers were modified. We also styled our wigs and added hobbit ears. To fit the part, we even made our feet hairy and walked around barefoot!

All cosplays and props belong to Dark and Ven of Deep Dive Cosplay. All original characters, character designs, and other concepts belong to their respectful owners.