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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Dark | Ventus
Ven | Aqua

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Date Completed
May 2009

Hours to Make
Dark | 300 hours
Ven | 300 hours

Events Worn to
Anime Boston 2009
Anime Next 2009
Otakon 2009
ConnectiCon 2009

Anime Boston 2009 - Second Place Craftsmanship in the Intermediate Division

Anime Next 2009 - Best Craftsmanship in the Journeyman Division & the "Ooh Shiny" Judge's Award

Connecticon 2009 - Best Craftsmanship in the Advanced Division for Saturday


January 2010

After a long year of hard work, we completed our cosplays of Aqua and Ven. All armor is hand carved, molded, and shaped using sintra, and then the armor was painted and weathered to give it a battle-worn look. Small details on the helmet were made with paperclay. Ven's wig was also hand dyed, cut and styled.

As for the pleather, there's lots of it - 2 layers for the upper body. The top layer is to give a plated look for the 'soft armor' on top of the pleather body suit. The bodysuits were made from patterns that we drafted on our own. Capes are made from hand-painted pleather and lined on the back; they also zip off for convenience. Our keyblades also light up and make 'FWOOOSH' noises (sounds like a flushing toilet)!

All cosplays and props belong to Dark and Ven of Deep Dive Cosplay. All original characters, character designs, and other concepts belong to their respectful owners.