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Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy XV

Dark | Noctis Lucis Caelum
Ven | Lightning

Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy XV

Date Completed
March 2007

Hours to Make
Dark | 150 hours
Ven | 110 hours

Events Worn to
Anime Boston 2008
San Japan 1.5

Anime Boston 2008 - First Place Craftsmanship in the Novice Division

San Japan 1.5 - Best in Class in the Open Division

Deep Dive Cosplay

January 2009

Water Wall
Under a Flyover

A lot of people didn't know who we were since the games won't be out for a hundred more years. But the designs are really cool, and we have mental swords. Yay for sintra! This was the first cosplay we've entered in a competition, and it was mighty fun.

During the process there were many a cry of "NOMURAAAA" [insert fist shake] since the designs kept changing. We ended up using a synthesis of many of the designs depending on what we were working on at the time. We plan to expand on these and make a few more FFXIII series cosplays to complement each one.

Cosplays and props are completely handmade. To make the swords, we hand cut, molded, and shaped sintra and craftfoam. Noctis’s sword also has a glowing crystal part on the top, and Lightning's sword has sections that move. Small details were made with paperclay. Clothes were made from patterns that we drafted on our own. Desgins on Noctis's jacket, buckles, and leather pouches were all handsewn. Our wigs were also custom dyed, cut, and styled by us.

Just as a side note - We made these cosplays in 2007 when there was only a ~60 second trailer and a few concept images out. We had to zoom in a lot for little details. Character designs also changed a lot while we were making the cosplays so some parts are a fusion of concepts. We did our best to make our cosplays as accurate as possible given the references we had to work from.

All cosplays and props belong to Dark and Ven of Deep Dive Cosplay. All original characters, character designs, and other concepts belong to their respectful owners.