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Ender's Game

Dark | Fly Molo
Ven | Petra Arkanian

Edner's Game

Date Completed
July 2014

Hours to Make
Dark | 130 hours
Ven | 100 hours

Event Worn to
SDCC 2014

Deep Dive Cosplay

SDCC 2014

We have been waiting for years for the movie to come out after reading the book when we were wee lads. Then after seeing the nifty battlesuit costume designs in the film, we knew we had to cosplay them.

Patterning the battlesuit was the most difficult since it was hard to see some parts of the battlesuit well. There are about 60 different individual parts with 8 different types of materials. We really admire the original costume designers who created these works-of-art; there is so much thoughtfulness put into the design of the insect-life battlesuit.

We made the helmets and flash guns from Worbla and Wonderflex. The visor on the helmets are completely removable so that we can breathe easier when navigating events. For the flash guns, used circular LEDs for the lights on the phaser and programmed Arduinos so that the lights spin at an increasingly fast rate in the same pattern as the flash guns in the film.

All cosplays and props belong to Dark and Ven of Deep Dive Cosplay. All original characters, character designs, and other concepts belong to their respectful owners.