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DOGS: Bullets & Carnage

Dark | Badou Nails
Ven | Fuyumine Naoto
SerenadeStrong | Heine Rammsteiner
Midsummerkiss | Lily

DOGS: Bullets & Carnage

Date Completed
April 2012

Hours to Make
Dark | 25 hours
Ven | 5 hours

Event Worn to
Anime Boston 2012

Deep Dive Cosplay

April 2012

Boston - Dodgy Alley

Group cosplay with SerenadeStrong and midsummerkiss! The idea for this group cosplay was 4 years in the making after SerenadeStrong first introduced us to the manga.

SerenadeStrong found this incredible dark side street that matched the industrial grunge look of the DOGS world (although it was a bit dodgy).

Badou's jumpsuit suit and accessories (wristband, eyepatch, etc.) were made from scratch using homemade patterns. This was the first time Dark made prop guns, and made them out of foam core and paperclay. They are modeled after the pair of Ingram MAC-10 pistols that Badou carries in the manga. The best part is that the props are entirely hollow and each one weighs less than a pound. Our wigs were hand-styled. Naoto was Ven's first cupboard cosplay was put together using found pieces.

All cosplays and props belong to Dark and Ven of Deep Dive Cosplay. All original characters, character designs, and other concepts belong to their respectful owners.